Hi, my name is Devin McDaniel
I'm a Fullstack Web Developer

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Hey there! I am a Fullstack Web Developer with an interest in creating dynamic web applications using the PERN stack and C#/.NET.

And yes. I play the saxophone 🎷

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SmartBrain AI Facial Recognition App

SmartBrain was my first fullstack project using React, Node.js, Express.js and PostgreSQL. I learned a massive amount about topics such as Class Components, Routing, Authentication, APIs, SQL, and even AI.

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Robofriends (Version 2)

One of my early React projects, Robofriends is a simple app that uses the Robohash API to generate a list of robots and dynamically display and filter them based on user input. Since then, I have updated the app to use Redux for state management and enabled it as a Progressive Web Application.

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MyAccount System 1.0

C#/.NET is a framework I have also taken an interest in. This is a simple console application I created that allows a user to create an account, login, and view their account information, and more. I learned about C#/.NET fundamentals, including classes, methods, and more.

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Socket Chat App

A current work in progress, this is a React application that uses Socket.io to allow users to chat with each other in real time. For the backend, I am using Node.js and Express.js. This project introduced me to the many possible uses of Websockets in real-time applications. It was also a great learning experience in how to manage state; I opted to use Zustand for state management because of its simplicity and ease of use.

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